Wednesday, December 21, 2005

IBM - Sun's biggest threat

In 2006, Sun's biggest competition will come from IBM. For example today's CNET article IBM to acquire Micromuse for $865 million shows how IBM will compete against Sun's N1 Software for network service management. It might be time for Sun to give N1 a "shot in the arm" and potentially a rebrand since the N1 name is not hot.

Other IBM threats on the horizon include:

In these key areas of Throughput Computing, Office Software and Middleware, IBM has a strong pedigree. I believe that Sun can beat IBM by leveraging its much touted but under-utilized Sun Grid. Example applications for the Sun Grid:

  • Manage my servers (healthcheck, patch, load-balance, etc)
  • Host my office documents, so I don't need to
  • Provide a J2EE container environment for my business

2006 sure will be fun to watch!


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