Friday, January 06, 2006

2006 is looking good for Sun!

In the past week, Sun has received some excellent feedback from all quarters:

The Register

Their Reader Study (free PDF) ranks Sun above IBM, HP, Microsoft and Dell. They even quote a Sun customer as saying "Just reinvented my world with Niagara - I'm having to wipe the drool from my keyboard as I type this."

It's not all good news though - the C-level decision makers are not as keen on Sun as the rest of their organisation staff, so there is a communication issue for Sun to look at.


In their Top Products of 2005 report, eWeek include Sun's Solaris 10 operating system, and Java Studio Creator 2 Interactive Development Environment (IDE). That's a really big achievement against some excellent Linux distros (e.g. Red Hat) and the popular IDE Eclipse.


In their 2006 Technology Of The Year Awards, InfoWorld award the new SunFire T2000 Server as the most innovative server of the year. (Unfortunately for Sun, IBM and HP pick up the other 2 server awards).

And the market?

Well, all this good news and a sprinkling of speculation pushed the price of SUNW stock to a close of 4.71 on Friday - not bad at all! Expect further rises with good news about Open Document Format (ODF), ZFS and other technologies as Sun begins to find its stride and post some profits.


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