Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Having seen Novell's SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) version 10, I must say it looks much better than Sun's Java Desktop System. It comes with VBScript compatible Open Office, plug & play, bluetooth and wi-fi compatibility, and a Microsoft Windows Vista look-and-feel.

For me, this just adds yet another compelling reason to buy Novell. The company's market valuation is below $3BN, but since it has $1BN in the bank a purchase would really cost just $2BN. And what are the assets?

  1. SuSE Linux - the big prize
  2. Mono project - Microsoft integration
  3. IBM customers - a large market

Maybe $2BN nett is a large price to pay for SuSE linux, but Novell has done a poor job of promoting the popular Linux distribution against Red Hat - surely Sun could do better? And imagine running SuSE on all Sparc hardware? Now there's a market!


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